Saturday, June 8, 2013


our last day of school for the year.  not till october  do we begin again.  we celebrated by making burnt caramel ice cream and a pasta recipe from my daughter's pen pal who lives on the other side of the usa.  both were delicious as planned:)


moving the rubik's cube of too many furnishings so we can fit another piano into the mix.  there will be 2 soon:) why does one need 2 pianos....?  they don't usually but i think we will.

to farmer's market to buy an assortment of edible flowers and curious greens for a curious salad for our curious celebration on monday.

a free succulent cutting from a vendor at farmers market.  when i first moved back to santa rosa from the east bay/san francisco i was surprised at how generous it is here.  a bit of a culture shock.  it is still hard to accept peoples generosity when i truly would be happy to pay.  generosity feels good on both sides though:)


chicken in a pot even though it is super warm and we should be having a cook out.  but i needed the bones from the chicken for a stock for the soup for our curious celebration on monday.  everything is always so tangled like that around here.  i don't feel comfy having food from cans or plastic coated boxes so i tangle things even though it is not always convenient to do so:)

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