Thursday, October 29, 2015

work in progress.  
everything organized and aligned for photography next week and listings anew by november 10th.

ingredients from recent travel are finding their way into my creative industry.  access to lovely needs seemed so accessible while away.  
my mind felt open in nyc to possibilities as travel always enables no matter where :) 
getting away always allows avenues for inspiration to find access and override my logical thinking.

i would never have found golden lace in my logical mind :)

                  or..really???? i need another liberty print? YES...always!!!! :)

a new seam ripper yes!!!! in my favorite color!!! and silk and linen strings and acorn caps from other realms.  they will bubble and delight in me for many moons to come and feed my remembrance and happiness of travel blessings.  

Monday, October 19, 2015


i obtained this fine tin of magical powder while away.  found in the basement of the plaza hotel nyc:)  with heavy cream and raw honey mixed into a gloopy consistency it tastes like the best chocolate in the world!  way to go la maison!  who knew a cocoa powder could taste so deliciously like chocolate?:)



scheduling in all these tiny details with a calendar currently, so i can get to all the layers of hand folded boxes and tiny trinkets ready by november with new listings in my etsy shop.

wondering why i love the layers of packaging so much?  i think because packaging feels like gratitude...when i feel so grateful to those who order and believe in the tiny offspring of my creative realm.