Saturday, August 20, 2011

the ingredients of my week.
ceramics, yarn love, crochet hooks, wool sweaters, sitting and enjoying paper dolls more than ever.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

soap...such a flurry of activity surrounding it this summer...wondering if i should put aside all else and just make soap:) totally usable product, no waste. wrapped in recycled pages from children's book library discards and hemp string to protect it from bumping on it's long journeys in the post. a simple castille soap recipe from "better basics for the home" has been made in my home for a few years now. i can't remember why i originally tried it...? i just love it's fragrance free simplicity but it seems to have provided useful benefits from itchy skin to acne to emollient shaving bar for those i have gifted it to.

but for now fall and winter collections await as well and the care and keeping of my lovely daughter maddy who has caught the summer? she is so busy, responsible and so sensitive to the needs of others and i like seeing her able to surrender to rest. my son and i have removed all duties from her for the week, something she seems very uncomfortable with :) surrender and acceptance always a tricky mindset to sit in.

firing clay pieces this week for commissions and fall and winter collections and making felted things for fall. anxious to share and to post all that is happening in the brain world of miss t for new collections and commissions. sometimes i feel i can't get there fast enough but for now i will stay in this moment where all is well :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

loving the light that comes around the back of flowers,

so glowy from the inside.

production is beginning again. a small fall and winter collection for cast away yarn shop and a small winter for the ark.

i thoroughly enjoyed my time off this july, letting myself putter instead of the bombarding myself with of a long list of studies in new ideas.

also beginning a few commissions for delightful people far and near.

i love the challenge of that and the way ideas bubble up when i am not looking. the creative process so fascinates me...the inspirations and where they come from etc.

so excited to try new clay and glazes for small pieces for fall and winter and use all my new collected thrift store yarns. will try to post photos as things emerge.