Sunday, June 30, 2013

a summer visit with scarlet pimpernel looks like this:)
scarlet is the daughter of whimsey mildew's half sister(rosy sandcrocus)and she will be entertaining and helping and sharing with the dollhouse residents all summer.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

my sew on tea service is 2 color ways and a variety of details.  they feel super precious (cute as a button:) and i really regret to split them up...but i am getting ready to sew them to some leftover bits of plantable paper and see if they work in our etsy shop.  we have so many different things there.  i can never settle on one continuous creative plan or item.  my inspirations never stay in one place for too long.

i finished the waists for my 5 dress up skirts today, hooray!
and today is swealtering so we had a large mid-day meal of blue cheese and grilled chicken sandwiches, cooked up in one of those pie irons, and cold, left over cauliflower cheddar soup.  it was delicious and tonight feels luxurious not to have to take on the dinner hour on such a hot day. i also put mango and ice in my vitamix and made something very refreshing and sorbet like in consistency.  the vitamix loves ice:)

Friday, June 28, 2013


plus this

from this

= love

i have waited so long to try this bacon and with 3 free heads of curly endive from my neighbor...tonight is the night.  very french cookery and just right for my greens loving self:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

tiny sew on tea service of ceramic and silver is thankfully well and complete.  so much time dedicated to the layers of ceramics and to close the lid on the kiln and wait is often painful.  time spent must equal success!... because the possibility of time feels seldom allotted to these creative pursuits.  so sad to feel i don't ever have time for failure when the failures are the food of further explorations.  such is the life of a creative meeting parenting etc.

glad the rain is through and tonight a fire in the pit out back and laying around with the bunnies on the front lawn, dinner of sausage on the grill, brocolette and rice.


dress up skirts...working on 5 at the same time because it has been too long since my last skirts in my etsy shop.  hoping that by july 1st they will be ready and i will be starting the next 5.  so many things to try this season

Monday, June 24, 2013

so i meet with friendship and conversation at the presidio s.f. on sunday for their food truck event.  my goodest friend kerri brings real china tea service and hot water and silver bowls with tea selection and napkins...."just in case" she says.  she is the queen of the formaliteas of tea in informal settings and i love this so much.

and then she says "i brought case you wanted"  i am at a food truck event so my brain is trying to figure out what she means.  silver what? is all i can think.  and then i see...silver utensils of course:)  she thinks of everything and nurtures well and brings celebration to even the smallest of corners.  sigh... real food with real utensils.  i love the language she speaks:)and how she frames each moment.  sniff.  layer upon layer of light and love and grace always.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

curiosity invited me to all these pictured places this week.  dress up skirts are underway, sweet, tiny torn velvet blooms, clay came out for tiny tea service and this thread that i have been wanting to try for so long is now here with me in my creative realm.


freshly juiced carrot/orange beverage, cod liver oil, glazing of my tiny tea service and dinner with my parents.


a day away with friendship and conversation and ocean air, beautiful views, inspiration and real food:) 

Friday, June 21, 2013

the dolls have been waiting forever it seems for their summer house guest to arrive.

Today she arrived bright and early with her big trunk of belongings...and circusy style:) 

she is taking a summer away from her circus trade to stay in the playroom of my dolls house and lend a hand with the littles of the house.

her name is scarlet pimpernel and she is named for the wildflower of the same name.  both scarlet pimpernels are   orange in bloom:)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

 i finally had some time to finish wrapping up these tiny presents from the doll house families for my daughter's 18th.
the dolls gifted them to her this morning, no longer her birthday but her 8th unbirthday:) the gifts were all doll sized versions of books we have read and loved and a couple of records we wish we had.  they all came from this shop on etsy. such a cute realm for tiny imaginings.

Monday, June 17, 2013

i am feeling better, cold be gone.  it was a full weekend with the 50th birthday party, view shown above.  a whiskey tasting and performances and readings.  i sampled the 4 roses only (whiskey is just not me) and enjoyed performances of bassoon, highland dance, story telling, song and appreciations of the birthday boy.   such a beautiful view.        

and then the yearly russian bbq (shashlik)for father's day.  lots of bits and pieces and layers of family needed in there.  i love the revisiting the flavors and smells from childhood in this event.  it is a family event that began before the russian revolution and carries through to our traditions of today.  i wrote something of it for a culinary school presentation and treasure all that i asked my grandfather of it's details before he passed.  buttery rice with raisins, skewers of bbq lamb, watercress, green onions, radishes and tomatoes. 

skirts tomorrow and a day with creative things at home.

the new piano is a beautiful sound and a welcome addition and we are so grateful:) 

Friday, June 14, 2013

visiting with my under the weather self today :(  too many divergent, convergent and tanglevergent sight lines and directions that snared me in this tiny cage of discomfort so i may rest.

i am not good at mind wanders endlessly to possibility and upcomings.

i did make it to some vintage lacy skirt cutouts this week though. super ready to get back there to sewing folk tale inspired pieces for my etsy shop.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


so much cooking today for my daughter's alice themed family celebration. i have been in the kitchen all day.  still have the seven minute icing for the 4 layer, very tall chocolate cake.  it will need some reinforcements for it's height:)

animal crossing for the 3ds finally came out today:)  the kids have been waiting for 3 years for this game.  my daughter bought a 3 ds just for this game a few years back in anticipation.  she is not much a gamer an animal crossing fan she is true blue.  my kids will meet up with an animal crossing buddy/instagram buddy from japan today.  so tricky to make time with someone in different time zones. but they have been on the edge of their seats today for this virtual interaction.  finally today it will be.


chicken in a clay pot left overs and a giant salad.  when one cooks all day one finds themselves not hungry.  too much tasting for balance and seasoning.  but salad always feels the right thing.  always my favorite:)


the 18th birthday that has been weeks in the making. trying to find the perfect croissant in a santa rosa bakery. gifting presents and dress up in alice themed costumes and celebration of my lovely daughter's trip around the sun.  so so good:)  

Saturday, June 8, 2013


our last day of school for the year.  not till october  do we begin again.  we celebrated by making burnt caramel ice cream and a pasta recipe from my daughter's pen pal who lives on the other side of the usa.  both were delicious as planned:)


moving the rubik's cube of too many furnishings so we can fit another piano into the mix.  there will be 2 soon:) why does one need 2 pianos....?  they don't usually but i think we will.

to farmer's market to buy an assortment of edible flowers and curious greens for a curious salad for our curious celebration on monday.

a free succulent cutting from a vendor at farmers market.  when i first moved back to santa rosa from the east bay/san francisco i was surprised at how generous it is here.  a bit of a culture shock.  it is still hard to accept peoples generosity when i truly would be happy to pay.  generosity feels good on both sides though:)


chicken in a pot even though it is super warm and we should be having a cook out.  but i needed the bones from the chicken for a stock for the soup for our curious celebration on monday.  everything is always so tangled like that around here.  i don't feel comfy having food from cans or plastic coated boxes so i tangle things even though it is not always convenient to do so:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013


i delightedly sent off another etsy order to the uk.  if i can't go then at least my etsy creations can. they love to travel there:) 

this week:

a mountain of laundry, because of my expert procrastination skills. i climbed it though:) 

layerings of costumes and menu planning and presents and all the things that planning for the birthday of a turning 18 year old requires:)

thrift store finds.  i wish it were my job to go thrift store shopping every day.  i find so many important things to savor:)


potato cakes, a southern recipe, just mashed potato, eggs and a little white flour.  time to go to market again so i am making due with what is in the cupboards:) 


to market to market to fill all our menu planning needs.