Wednesday, June 26, 2013

tiny sew on tea service of ceramic and silver is thankfully well and complete.  so much time dedicated to the layers of ceramics and to close the lid on the kiln and wait is often painful.  time spent must equal success!... because the possibility of time feels seldom allotted to these creative pursuits.  so sad to feel i don't ever have time for failure when the failures are the food of further explorations.  such is the life of a creative meeting parenting etc.

glad the rain is through and tonight a fire in the pit out back and laying around with the bunnies on the front lawn, dinner of sausage on the grill, brocolette and rice.


dress up skirts...working on 5 at the same time because it has been too long since my last skirts in my etsy shop.  hoping that by july 1st they will be ready and i will be starting the next 5.  so many things to try this season

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