Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hitting the ground running today as i make soap, infuse the oil for a new batch of lotion and fire the glaze on my tiny teacups for my summer collection. i am not an multitasker generally, only a procrastinator waiting for the perfect unfolding of moments, which...never quite happen unless i make them happen. so today is the day as my family complains about the dwindling soap supply and i notice i may not have enough lotion to make it through the week and my pending vacation to zion and the grand canyon.

my summer collection should be titled "pom poms aplenty". i have lost count of how many i have made. pictured are a few : ) i must be off to continued work on summer including tags of 100% recycled paper with flower bits, knitted things, tiny wrist and ring sized pieces, ceramic wee teacups and saucers. Summer will be complete and at the ark and cast away by the last week in june.

yesterday, my first trip ever to angel island. i can hardly believe i have never been and walked the 360 degree view of the bay. still savoring, so good!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

not a giant thimble, just a set of tiny sized spring pieces.

thimble included for scale.

these doll sized crowns...a total inspiration to my world...inspiring a wrist corsage version of a crown for my mommy for mother's day. thinking more will follow with my summer collection. miniature crown versions for the wrist : )

no less work than head size pieces but maybe more workable into everyday adornments for the wearer?

Monday, May 2, 2011

just finishing up 3 miniature versions of my spring collection. a commission of doll sized proportions for mom and daughter collectors of adorable

now their dollys can play dress up too : ) so sweet!

1/2 size, mini strawberry crown pictured... and when i finish firing my tiny clay pieces i will post the other 2 mini crowns too.