Saturday, November 30, 2013


in the neighborhood: tree droppings look like this...fantastic details.

at the window sill: tiny island gardens of carrot and parsnip tops i am watching unfold.

at my work table: spring wanderings of tiny fuzzy knitted blooms of wool for adornments upcoming.

in my library: the book i finished=love

at the table:  delicious luxury:)

Friday, November 22, 2013

she asked me all these really ponderous questions (maybe i made them so:) and i stalled a lot in my answers.  who am i really, what do i believe and how do i see?...was at the bottom of all the questions for me.  the post is here.

she is ashley and she is here and here  and i love connecting with creative grace in the world like this.  hand sewing, innocence, purity :) 

the internet feels vast and impersonal until you meet the reflection of pieces of your own self in that outer space.

i love her blog feature each friday.  i love reading of the unfoldings of the person inside the art and how it delightedly meets someone else.


Monday, November 4, 2013

bon appetite!

how to fit it all in these days?  between 1970's birthday dress up party for my son's birthday :) and home life manager...getting here to blogger to leave updates of the creative in my world seems impossible lately.

but i am here... posting of the world i love the best...tiny and earthen and giving new imaginings to things that may have been discarded or stepped on and lost forever.

a few new things along these lines will be in my shop this week.