Friday, March 28, 2014

things upcoming

the 36 acorn caps i am readying for more pouches in our etsy shop.

the 36 small circles i cut and intend to crochet the edges for those acorn pouches.

the wet felting tools (mini wash boards) i created of clay and glaze this week.

6 of the 16 delicious colors of merino wool i ordered and am intending for wet felting. 

the final 7:) cut and ready for cleaning and turning into magical nut boxes.  the large walnut shell has a bronze clasp i began so long ago and i hope to finish soon.

off to time away from shop keeping. a spring holiday. brightest wishes! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


the fragile and soft finery beginning to emerge as spring approaches. golden accents in sew on glazed ceramics and softest pinks in woolen dollops served in tiny tea service.

the day is breezy and warm and i should be out in it so i will go there happily. brightest wishes:)   

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finally getting to the use of my 24kt pure gold overlay for ceramic pieces.  Very nefertiti in a Egyptian goldenness.  Golden teacup handles and dotted accents.  Soon there will be photos. 

Always seeming I am sort of my own thinkings only.  wishing I could be enjoying the climb better.  Exploring new supplies always brings up hesitation instead of pure play.  But when the 5 grams of gold overlay costs as much as food for a week for my family....I want only perfect outcomes:) when I first saw 5 grams of gold overlay I felt cheated...just a smear really?  It is unfolding well and I am sure I will fall in love with it's character soon:)