Wednesday, June 25, 2014


our getaway today:)
heaven on earth:)55 acres.
i admire plants so very much!
and how they are organized here, truly magic.

floating gardens.

and very fragrant ones...yes,smelling of pineapples:)

and then after... "peter pan" the walt disney classic, in the theater here
"think of the happiest's the same as having wings"
we can fly :) 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

yum and hmmm?

no pizza thursday this week.  saving ourselves for this. old family recipe exploration on friday. the dough was lots of yeast (long ferment), lots of butter and then deep fried with a savory filling of cabbage and egg. it was so heaven:)  we made 73 and with neighborhood birthdays and snacking "free for all" they are almost gone.  flavors of childhood memories have been delighting this weekend. yum like i cannot explain.

found some new large walnuts and am trying new metal clay and natural findings studies.  one is velvet lined and the other is silk lined with a ring box adaptation within.  not sure if i will list them or if they will just be prototypes for further study.


trying gold overlay again on fairy utensils.  so hard to work with.  will be anxious to see if it fuses to my bronze metal as i hope.  golden fork hopeful:)

Friday, June 20, 2014


they are only words...but i love how they are floating in every corner of me:)

 these words of "empty time".

 these words of "let them be slow".

all words of encouragement.
let me be slow:)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

 trying to capture lots of tiny things today for the etsy shop.
 a trio of happiness found at the garbage transfer station reuse area. they are very good dancers:) 
 a small library i have been wanting came today in the mail.

2 other bits of happiness also found at the garbage transfer station, reuse area. pressed paper and celluloid. so delicate and yet so well preserved.  i love tiny ornament and keeping them safe with me in my world. 

the new tiny boxes about to be listed.  it takes me so long to get there.  still not too buddy buddy with slowness.  my visual mind and body works so much faster than my physical reality one. 

must be off to dinner.  jamie o's stir fried beef with brocolette instead of rice.  more asian flavors...the theme this week.
our asian pizza from thursday, mentioned previously, looked deliciously like this. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

a hidden drawer in an old book cover to hold a memory i wrote of "childhood drawers" for my daughter's birthday celebration.  she asked for written memories from her family this year...written fairy tale style.  this is what mine looked like.  i love stealthy containers to hide secret messages...who would know "story wagon" sitting innocently on a shelf, could contain such a thing:)

pizza thursday already again?  left over chinese chicken, steamed bun filling for the pizza top tonight and probably a garlic cilantro compound butter underneath.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

pizza thursday:)  nothing really new to report. same old delicious thing:) garlic and herb (darn i forgot the preserved lemon this time) compound butter instead of red sauce is still winning out each thursday. bacon apple sausage was a delicious new topping to join the regulars of black olive, spring onions and fresh chopped parsley. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

world views

 tiny plates, cups and napkins awaiting golden forks.
 needle felting of pink things.
 ball end copper wires for tiny scrolls and beaded pom poms.
 new nut boxes.

 new collected tiny dried droppings.
new library book. helping me ponder why i feel so underachieved. 
and not so yummy yet...but curiosity led me to this "read along" with a dear friend.

tonight is handmade pizza night, more goat ricotta settling in the fridge, kombucha in the water heater closet fermenting, new batch of lotion made...slowly getting to all the required places. slowly feels a little underachieved but i am trying to make friends with "slowly" this week.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

delicious things

a delay in pizza night this week, friday instead of the usual thursday. garden herb and preserved lemon compound butter, cheddar, bacon, spring onions, olives and the goat's milk ricotta i made this week.  yum!

waited so long for this.  holding this ticket since last july.  music so full and perfect i forgot at times it was live.  wishing i could do it all over again but i feel full from it all at the same time.