Saturday, June 21, 2014

yum and hmmm?

no pizza thursday this week.  saving ourselves for this. old family recipe exploration on friday. the dough was lots of yeast (long ferment), lots of butter and then deep fried with a savory filling of cabbage and egg. it was so heaven:)  we made 73 and with neighborhood birthdays and snacking "free for all" they are almost gone.  flavors of childhood memories have been delighting this weekend. yum like i cannot explain.

found some new large walnuts and am trying new metal clay and natural findings studies.  one is velvet lined and the other is silk lined with a ring box adaptation within.  not sure if i will list them or if they will just be prototypes for further study.


trying gold overlay again on fairy utensils.  so hard to work with.  will be anxious to see if it fuses to my bronze metal as i hope.  golden fork hopeful:)

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