Saturday, June 14, 2014

 trying to capture lots of tiny things today for the etsy shop.
 a trio of happiness found at the garbage transfer station reuse area. they are very good dancers:) 
 a small library i have been wanting came today in the mail.

2 other bits of happiness also found at the garbage transfer station, reuse area. pressed paper and celluloid. so delicate and yet so well preserved.  i love tiny ornament and keeping them safe with me in my world. 

the new tiny boxes about to be listed.  it takes me so long to get there.  still not too buddy buddy with slowness.  my visual mind and body works so much faster than my physical reality one. 

must be off to dinner.  jamie o's stir fried beef with brocolette instead of rice.  more asian flavors...the theme this week.

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