Tuesday, July 27, 2010

and then there is the marigold, speaking tutu inspirations : )

Monday, July 26, 2010

the zinnia, my favorite summer unfolding
such soft lime green beginnings

all those orderly petal scrolls

gradually unfolding into bright colors of happiness

and each stage a new celebration with surprising detail

refreshing my desire to capture flora via textiles in new ways.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

another item on my summer list of creative wonderings. an old chair from my grandmother's collection that was in desperate need of retied springs and new coverings. not sure my grandmother would like it's new clothing but to me it has the perfect look for it's home in our backyard playhouse. chair hat? or chair cozy? covers the back. the largest hat i have ever made : ) knitted from old t-shirts and jersey sheets that have been cut into long strips of stretchy knitting joy.
retying springs in the seat was tricky business. i have been nervously wanting and thinking of how to experiment with that for years. sometimes you just have to go for it and not have thought attacks that keep you from trying : )
it was mostly successful although it is a bit vocal with creaky sounds like the strained timbers in the rocking of an old ship. the striped linen covering was supposed to be an under covering until i found a delightful upholstery fabric but... i like the fresh linen stripe. fini

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

posting pictures of a fairy house built by my daughter at a fairy house sculpting workshop this past weekend. She has since decorated it with a few tiny furnishings and accessories from our own personal collection : )

So wonderful it is in it's form and natural materials even without furnishings. it is a magical and artful addition to our home and a happy place for my imagination to play.

i musn't forget to mention the link to the fabulous fine artist, sharon eisley, who guides and teaches this whimsical and imaginative art form. You can visit her at http://when-in-home.blogspot.com/ for a post with more results from that fairy house sculpting workshop and information on previous and upcoming.
it is so interesting to see so many different outcomes using similar materials and how independently each views the world of fairy architecture.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

it's official...i love ruffles. so soft and sweetly feminine and innocent. pink portion finally in place on the blue/pink pettiskirt i made for my daughter's birthday. tricky times finding the correct soft pink to meet the soft glacier blue.

study #2 complete!

on to study #3 in a tea dyeish color with an adjustable polka dot waistband: )

Friday, July 9, 2010

tiny knitted silken slippers for salaam (the knitted doll of post 10/28/09) begin to help me find my creative footing this summer. rest up for my winter production?... or get to the countless studies/experiments of creative ideas on all my back burners?

i made myself a list and a calendar to orderly get to all those ideas. but then i began to feel a bit uncomfortably asthmatic...feeling suffocated by the pressure of my self discipline? or the summer allergen of privit in bloom? hmmmm...?

i throw away my companion calendar to my list and leisurely begin to tick a few things off my list of summer studies. all is less asthmatic as a result and summer feels more restful.

p.s. the silken slippers were not on my list...but spontenaity should be : ) salaam