Friday, July 9, 2010

tiny knitted silken slippers for salaam (the knitted doll of post 10/28/09) begin to help me find my creative footing this summer. rest up for my winter production?... or get to the countless studies/experiments of creative ideas on all my back burners?

i made myself a list and a calendar to orderly get to all those ideas. but then i began to feel a bit uncomfortably asthmatic...feeling suffocated by the pressure of my self discipline? or the summer allergen of privit in bloom? hmmmm...?

i throw away my companion calendar to my list and leisurely begin to tick a few things off my list of summer studies. all is less asthmatic as a result and summer feels more restful.

p.s. the silken slippers were not on my list...but spontenaity should be : ) salaam

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