Saturday, July 17, 2010

another item on my summer list of creative wonderings. an old chair from my grandmother's collection that was in desperate need of retied springs and new coverings. not sure my grandmother would like it's new clothing but to me it has the perfect look for it's home in our backyard playhouse. chair hat? or chair cozy? covers the back. the largest hat i have ever made : ) knitted from old t-shirts and jersey sheets that have been cut into long strips of stretchy knitting joy.
retying springs in the seat was tricky business. i have been nervously wanting and thinking of how to experiment with that for years. sometimes you just have to go for it and not have thought attacks that keep you from trying : )
it was mostly successful although it is a bit vocal with creaky sounds like the strained timbers in the rocking of an old ship. the striped linen covering was supposed to be an under covering until i found a delightful upholstery fabric but... i like the fresh linen stripe. fini

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