Wednesday, August 27, 2014

photos are taken and they have started migrating into the etsy shop for the new listings of all the previously mentioned and pictured. 

i went a little thrifting today and added another slotted spoon to my growing collection.  i love the patterns cut into the spoons the most.  i will picture them soon.  i love tiny cooking utensils for my work in my world.

i also picked up an unused enameled cast iron braising pan.  not le creuset... and no lid... but in beautiful favorite color in the whole wide world:) 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

trying truly....but surrendering instead.  so sorry to not have things going from here to there.  faith knowing it will when other primary commitments allow...but for now balancing family and friends  and county callings and then I can return to my own innermost.
i said they would be listed in my etsy shop...but the end of the week has come and gone.  i made a dress this week for myself instead...for a bridal shower I attended today.  wrap dresses are unpredictable in outdoor breezes but i was not expecting an outdoorsy day for some reason:). it was empowering and connected to wear something i actually put together.  such an adventure.  it has been too long!  helping me set out on a sewing path again for myown wardrobe needs...i have lots...i don't afford myself this luxury when family needs direct me otherwise.

i have 6 more patterns now waiting in the wings.  i love knowing that all the instructions for getting through the process are there and I don't have to think it creative masterminding...only surrendering to written ideas:)

jury duty next i can no longer plan for new listing days. when?...floats in me...keeping me unsettled and feeling underachieved.  but there is a greater plan which I must heed and it is out of my hands truly...making friends with surrender today.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

here...and soon to be there

the acornish things have finally emerged:)  nature inspired, hollow, glazed clay acorns with real caps for hiding tiny messages or secret treasures.  soon to be in my etsy shop.

tiny woodland gardens sprouting within empty nut boxes.

arrangements in my current favorite etsy shop offering...the woodland trinket dishes. 

all will find their way slowly to the land of etsy by the end of the week. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

acornish clay things spent all day in the kiln and I can hardly wait to pair them with the caps I polished for them.  More treasure boxes or secret message containers emerging soon.   changes always... to do the same again....I cannot...must be on to new visions from that higher place.  change is a new discovery always...inventive newness is my innermost.

added more scented plants to shake hands with in the garden today and transplanted some pineapple sage that I picked up from a nursery on the nor. cal. coast ("sea ranch".... my favorite ca. coordinates of late).  my hands smell of earth and siam basil and pineapple sage and lemon verbena:) my heart longs for that view along unspoiled bluffs of open waters and grey skies.

Friday, August 8, 2014

getting ready to cook brown clay acornish things in my kiln and cut more walnuts easy task.  the walnuts require more than one hour of me just to cut cleanly and tidy up the inside of one walnut for even beginning a box...but the boxes hold a dear place in my heart so i continue the vision that comes to me from some place higher:) 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

tiny forms

elevating tiny forms again and pondering their ever-nesting within the larger.