Saturday, August 23, 2014

i said they would be listed in my etsy shop...but the end of the week has come and gone.  i made a dress this week for myself instead...for a bridal shower I attended today.  wrap dresses are unpredictable in outdoor breezes but i was not expecting an outdoorsy day for some reason:). it was empowering and connected to wear something i actually put together.  such an adventure.  it has been too long!  helping me set out on a sewing path again for myown wardrobe needs...i have lots...i don't afford myself this luxury when family needs direct me otherwise.

i have 6 more patterns now waiting in the wings.  i love knowing that all the instructions for getting through the process are there and I don't have to think it creative masterminding...only surrendering to written ideas:)

jury duty next i can no longer plan for new listing days. when?...floats in me...keeping me unsettled and feeling underachieved.  but there is a greater plan which I must heed and it is out of my hands truly...making friends with surrender today.

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