Saturday, February 20, 2016

i began an abundance record this month to jot down the unexpected abundance that finds it's way here.  

abundance can look different depending on what you hold dear :)  etsy earnings are captured in my abundance record for sure...the extra earnings are always amazing gift for us...but so is the affirmative nature of someone being able to understand, celebrate and send for that which i set free creatively. thank you so very much!

some abundance looks like this though :)....a mysterious drawing placed in the box of my new car cabin air filters i bought at the auto parts store. it has me smiling of it's curiosity every time i walk past it's gallery space on my refrigerator:)

life here...tiny sliced wooden buttons readying themselves for fastening new nut box wanderings.

winter always feels a little slower to the creative gates but...too... life unfolding allows for less and less as the years tick by.

creativity has to feel authentic these days and not just merely creative.

streamlining miss t as she unfolds this year :)