Monday, December 16, 2013

the view of december days

12 shelly buttons, 11 pages remaining,
10 happy articles, 9 copper worms

8 tiny pots, 7 tiny pine cones, 6 copper buttons,
5 thrift store elves,

4 tiny coins, 3 gigantic acorns, 2 little birds
and a lovely etsy handspun yarn! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013


 today the high fire glaze test pieces were taken from the kiln giving me more to ponder in my glazing directions for my high fire clays.  2060 degrees seems to be as high as my tiny kiln will go these days.  broken element or something else?  wanting to get back to my porcelain capabilities but for the moment i feel satisfied.  such a blessing is my kiln capabilities.  i will adapt to whatever will be.
soap for our winter storage is drying/curing and almost ready for use.  i decorated it's top this time with these beautiful dried calendula flowers.  orange and yellow blooms seem happy and warm for the winter ahead.

i am cleaning my messy doll's house.  putting away the layers of collected ingredients that don't match the season.  so many layers of tiny collected things from travels and so many years.  
it had to move locations too, to make room for the christmas tree, and now the doll house living room windows look out into the fish tank next aquarium view:)   the dolls are in wonder over the large gold fish swimming about out the windows..almost as though the house has sunken under water.  i love imagining their wonder and pretending it is my view.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

half baked

 trying to get back to all the tiny details i love the best such as more tiny sew on tea service. but i have not found the time among the holiday details to paint each individually with 3 coats of glaze and overlay with silver. so many layers of love awaits my attention.  tiny experimental doll clothes buttons too wait for the tiny brush of glazes and silver. do the sew on copper worms and fairy coins.  polishing and patina-ing for them...they have been waiting patiently.  so much half baked in my creative wanderings makes me a little crazed.  i must tuck them all away so they are not my constant reminder and i can look only to the graceful sway in the seasonal holiday dance:)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


 my ceramic glazing experiments are out of the kiln

 the dyed woolen fleece i picked up yesterday at my favorite crafting thrift store looks like cotton candy:)yum!

and ozark handspun wool yarn i found also near the cotton candy fleece.  such tiny worlds of possibility along every inch in his yarns.