Saturday, August 22, 2015

today we had another yardsale:/ craft ingredients a la miss t. 

i would have loved to come to this yardsale full of my favorite things:). yarn, wool sweaters, fabric, office supplies and books.

i rescued a few things and absorbed them back in to my realm before donating the rest.  they are my survivors, those rescues, and speak to me of valued details.  i must listen to them now and look at why they have asked to stay.

listening is a theme this august....and not just with ears:)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shedding for many weeks now, the layers of life of 10-15 years. vulnerable and emotional over letting go of some layers that have been there so long. furniture, giant bear, playthings of my children's early childhood.  i keep waiting for the relief of less stuff but i just feel sad and loss like there is new empty my spirit's stories were living in those things and i can't get them back.  i will recover and be well of it over time:/ a new shaping of me has to happen so i won't have to maneuver around and manage so many belongings.

shedding began here in my creative realm where tiny inspirational forms were released back to the earth:

this was easy...feeling like they were returning to where they started.

i do love seeing the things my kids are not ready to let go of and the knowing of the spaces in them that are still occupied by childhood and love.

trying to look toward all the things that were retained in the shed instead....rody ride on horses:), polly pockets, stuffed toys and legos aplenty! happiness in the friendly innocence of playful ingredients.

shedding made me have to be a constant adult, logical and rational, when most of me in my creative realm feels so otherwise. 

aching to getting back to the respite of child-like celebration in my creative imaginary realm where i don't have to adult in every moment.

2 more weeks of setting my world in order first:)