Sunday, March 13, 2011

precipitates of spring

tiny details of spring's tiny collection ( 25 pieces) emerging with only one more week of winter to go.

the landscape of my life has changed so much since the beginnings of my fairy adornments. my children need me now in ways that do not allow for the same sort of creative output. these days, educationally for them, there must be more guidance, more input, more thinking, displacing some of the mental places used for my creative run. we are taking on languages, geology and art history for our travels in the u.s. and abroad this year. my mind feels full of new information and things i must remember and everyday i think "where does the time go?" as i slip further behind schedule for my spring collection.

25 fresh pieces will emerge soon though: )

pondering where my art fits into my evolving life at the moment and all those new creative thinkings i want to try...little books, silken baby sized tutus, ceramic buttons and metal clay jewelry....

perhaps spring is their hatching time and not winter. i will craddle those little thinkings and keep them warm for a better hatching climate:)