Wednesday, April 30, 2014


i bought some "pink knotweed" today:)  i have admired it for so long in historied gardens and today i realized the scale of the tiny blooms were perfect for my miniature wanderings.

i would much rather study and admire tiny plant forms than do anything else. quiet tiny daydreams are my habitat.

Monday, April 21, 2014

two favorite tiny views

trying a new way to serve up our tiny tea service in our etsy shop...with woolen steam:)  in celebration of how much i love tiny curly woolen forms.

the tiny shoe we use to prop up our acorn pouches if they want to be lazy and roll over and not sit up straight and tall for the camera.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

i love the train for travel.  my spring vacation was spent half on the train across a piece of the usa to the high desert of new mexico. 6000 ft of high desert for 4 days in the middle of 2 days train travel in both directions.  i got a spider bite that itched incredibly...and cleared many cubic feet of tumbleweeds.  not ready for home again after the time away but...i have been with acorn pouches and nut boxes trying to begin again.  so much to finish, so much to to get there quickly and efficiently in the midst of housework and caring for the family needs?

tonight was big salad night with mixed greens and chicken and onion and avocado and pate choux cheese puffs.  i loved the informality/spontaneity of all tonight.  so much catch up after time away...finding my center mostly and the launching pad from home to all the satellites in the universe of miss t:)