Monday, June 24, 2013

so i meet with friendship and conversation at the presidio s.f. on sunday for their food truck event.  my goodest friend kerri brings real china tea service and hot water and silver bowls with tea selection and napkins...."just in case" she says.  she is the queen of the formaliteas of tea in informal settings and i love this so much.

and then she says "i brought case you wanted"  i am at a food truck event so my brain is trying to figure out what she means.  silver what? is all i can think.  and then i see...silver utensils of course:)  she thinks of everything and nurtures well and brings celebration to even the smallest of corners.  sigh... real food with real utensils.  i love the language she speaks:)and how she frames each moment.  sniff.  layer upon layer of light and love and grace always.

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