Saturday, June 29, 2013

my sew on tea service is 2 color ways and a variety of details.  they feel super precious (cute as a button:) and i really regret to split them up...but i am getting ready to sew them to some leftover bits of plantable paper and see if they work in our etsy shop.  we have so many different things there.  i can never settle on one continuous creative plan or item.  my inspirations never stay in one place for too long.

i finished the waists for my 5 dress up skirts today, hooray!
and today is swealtering so we had a large mid-day meal of blue cheese and grilled chicken sandwiches, cooked up in one of those pie irons, and cold, left over cauliflower cheddar soup.  it was delicious and tonight feels luxurious not to have to take on the dinner hour on such a hot day. i also put mango and ice in my vitamix and made something very refreshing and sorbet like in consistency.  the vitamix loves ice:)

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