Monday, June 17, 2013

i am feeling better, cold be gone.  it was a full weekend with the 50th birthday party, view shown above.  a whiskey tasting and performances and readings.  i sampled the 4 roses only (whiskey is just not me) and enjoyed performances of bassoon, highland dance, story telling, song and appreciations of the birthday boy.   such a beautiful view.        

and then the yearly russian bbq (shashlik)for father's day.  lots of bits and pieces and layers of family needed in there.  i love the revisiting the flavors and smells from childhood in this event.  it is a family event that began before the russian revolution and carries through to our traditions of today.  i wrote something of it for a culinary school presentation and treasure all that i asked my grandfather of it's details before he passed.  buttery rice with raisins, skewers of bbq lamb, watercress, green onions, radishes and tomatoes. 

skirts tomorrow and a day with creative things at home.

the new piano is a beautiful sound and a welcome addition and we are so grateful:) 

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