Sunday, June 9, 2013


so much cooking today for my daughter's alice themed family celebration. i have been in the kitchen all day.  still have the seven minute icing for the 4 layer, very tall chocolate cake.  it will need some reinforcements for it's height:)

animal crossing for the 3ds finally came out today:)  the kids have been waiting for 3 years for this game.  my daughter bought a 3 ds just for this game a few years back in anticipation.  she is not much a gamer an animal crossing fan she is true blue.  my kids will meet up with an animal crossing buddy/instagram buddy from japan today.  so tricky to make time with someone in different time zones. but they have been on the edge of their seats today for this virtual interaction.  finally today it will be.


chicken in a clay pot left overs and a giant salad.  when one cooks all day one finds themselves not hungry.  too much tasting for balance and seasoning.  but salad always feels the right thing.  always my favorite:)


the 18th birthday that has been weeks in the making. trying to find the perfect croissant in a santa rosa bakery. gifting presents and dress up in alice themed costumes and celebration of my lovely daughter's trip around the sun.  so so good:)  

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