Thursday, June 6, 2013


i delightedly sent off another etsy order to the uk.  if i can't go then at least my etsy creations can. they love to travel there:) 

this week:

a mountain of laundry, because of my expert procrastination skills. i climbed it though:) 

layerings of costumes and menu planning and presents and all the things that planning for the birthday of a turning 18 year old requires:)

thrift store finds.  i wish it were my job to go thrift store shopping every day.  i find so many important things to savor:)


potato cakes, a southern recipe, just mashed potato, eggs and a little white flour.  time to go to market again so i am making due with what is in the cupboards:) 


to market to market to fill all our menu planning needs.  

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