Monday, May 20, 2013

yesterday got away from me some how...and today i had many plans all of which were delayed by the finding of a tiny newborn creature on our monday hike.  a mouse or something very new and fur-less was struggling across the dirt path at our usual turn around point.  it was hot out and this tiny thing was gasping and i just couldn't leave it.  we put it into my sun hat and carried it to the van, took it home, called wildlife rescue, awaited their return call, and eventually, as per their request dropped it off at a pet store in a nearby city, full of hope that it would be for the best.  what does one do when they see suffering of a fellow animal?  i can't know any other way but to try and help.  i know nature is nature and she has a plan but am i in that plan in some way in these circumstances?  these are the things i am pondering today.

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