Tuesday, May 14, 2013

hmmmm...? kvass is that you?

so today my kvass looks like this.  i removed the apples because they began to show signs of mold where they were not submerged in liquid.  all the raisins are now floating unless i move the jar and then they sink again.  it has not been quite a month yet so it may not be quite done but my curiosity lacks patience.  i have tasted it and it is not something i will enjoy really or give to my dad for his birthday for him to enjoy as i had planned.  i think it would frighten him actually.

it has a little of the off raisin flavors of wine gone bad with salt added.  i want to love it but i don't.  i keep tasting it though, reluctantly and a little at a time, expecting it to turn into something better and all the time pondering if this is how it is supposed to be.  

next up beet kvass.  i feel much more supported internet-wise with that kvass direction.  and i love beets so it could be a heavenly match:)

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