Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day

i spent the morning with a strong cup of coffee, visiting a waffle window the kids and husband set up for me through the playhouse dutch door, eating raised waffles with savory toppings via my mother's day gift of a 1930's waffle maker, listening to hoagy carmichael on the record player and my son's accordion playing, visiting nicole curtis' facebook page (gosh i love her),harvesting my new kombucha batch, putting a pot of beans on for tostada night with my mom and step dad tonight,  being delighted of the sunshine and the open day ahead of me....

....and further being celebrated with handmade cards and book and things i heart.  i can't take any credit though...all i do comes through me from a much higher place. my heart swells with the thought of all that is possible:)

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