Wednesday, May 29, 2013

my neighbor pointed me in the direction of the clay pot a few years ago and it has been my favorite cooking adventure by far.  when i found this large clay pot at a church sale it was pristine and barely used and only $2:)  now it is well loved and cooked in once a week.  it does chicken like nothing else. we call it "the magic pot".

this cookbook, more of a 1970's cooking pamphlet really, is my cookbook of choice for clay, another directional pointer from my neighbor.  it is as out of print as it looks so i found my copy at abebooks, the used bookseller online. i love it's simplicity, successful recipes and brown and orange motif:)

i am cooking my way through it.  we tried the recipe on the left for  memorial day, yum!  and tonight we will have the recipe on the right...although it calls for kidney beans which are my least favorite bean of all...and so i will use baby lima instead and anxiously await the results:)

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