Saturday, April 13, 2013


truly trying to expand into larger creative things but i get stuck in the small.  ever since the autumn i have not yet had the willingness in me to get back into things measuring more than 5 inches. i do love miniatures but i feel as if i am trapped within a small space within me i can't find my way out of. beginning a larger project means spreading out into multiple spaces and for the time being i am into small corners for my creative work.

i took my dress up skirt fabrics out yesterday to look and see if the inspiration was there. but i felt nothing.  bummer. wishing it felt okay to force the creative process. i made a list though of possibilities. 

perhaps i need to finish my home school year with the kids to find larger spaces in my day.  small creative space in my day seems the perfect match though for the scale of my work at the moment:) pictured is a tiny bouquet of handmade paper flowers in a cloud of lichen and acorn cap bowl. 

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