Wednesday, April 10, 2013


it has been too long:) so i will start with today.  today i began another batch of kombucha...which i love.  i was given a small kombucha colony from my neighbor a few months ago and that colony and i, whom i call "betty galaxy", have become fast friends.  she makes the most delicious elixir and better with each new batch.  she started out so small, my little betty, and soon grew into this world of tiny bubbles and spots and strange cloudlike formations.  she looked like a little galaxy and thus.... the galaxy part of her name.  betty was my daughter's addition.

my son and i are the only ones who like to drink what betty hath made.  everyone else who i have offered a taste declines.  i feel a little sad when that happens because i feel so excited about it.  i find it completely refreshing and a little like the flavor of sparkling cider or hard cider in it's bright happy flavors and tiny bubbles.

i would have photographed betty today but she is really the least photogenic of anything in my home:)

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