Tuesday, July 2, 2013

views from today

ribbony and lacy and velvety and sunshine of my new skirts and the book capturing details of the seasons of miss t. thank you fuloflyfe.  your photography inspires in me who i can be as i promise to "make good art".

the cauliflower gift from a neighbor last week.  isn't she a beaut.? and oh!... the soup she hath made:)

a different view of the above mentioned skirt study.  trying smaller size in my velvet and vintage textiles but it is too bulky and not big and long enough to take full advantage of drape and swing of all.  i will stick to what i know to be the truth of size 4-6 and that wonderous age of making believe.

trying black as my background to try for the right exposure in color.  a tad spooky and floating but i rather like it's comic spirit:) 

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