Friday, July 19, 2013

still looking at the "make good art" speech. wishing i had good time for making that good art.  things creep in and derail my good intentions to be with the vintage textiles that are my kinship, my creative truths.  i keep getting pulled in directions that are not authentic to who and how God made me.  i need to be more commanding of the private space i create for myself and stop letting in what is against my very nature of who i am today.  it always finds me though and pokes a stick at me and pulls me onto uneven paths. knowing when to yield to poking sticks and when not to is a mystery i will never solve. 
the 5 new fairytale/folktale skirts are almost finished but it will be days before i can return to them and then there is capturing them and all the other details related to my creative hearts desires for them.  they are precious to me through and through and even if they are never sold or get to dance and play in the world i will feel good being able to express my truths through my art.  authenticity and innocence and sweetness and slowness and patience and good values and smiling happy are at the heart of what i want to express in dress up.  my story, folk or fairy.

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  1. so understood, dear friend. let us take the sticks and use them to roast homemade marshmallows.