Monday, July 1, 2013


things i love today:

hemming, by hand, underskirts for my 5 current dress-up skirts.

the children's sized teapot and tiny plates my great aunt and great nammy played with as children.  they came home with me from my mom's china cabinet.

"serenade to a doll" by debussy, played by my step father on his mason and hamlin 6ft grand.

harry belefonte "calypso" on the record player.

when the sun sets on these hot days.

my children realizing that the patriotic song book, for piano, from last year is too easy.

my daughter's play: cutting out 2 patterns (one new, one vintage) from fabrics (one new, one vintage)

my son's play: composing a tune on the piano and writing it's musical score in his music composition book.

my husband cooking dinner.  chicken on the spit and potato salad with black pig bacon:)

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