Friday, January 22, 2010

tomorrow i will be off to another adventure in foreign lands via cruise ship and incredible family generosities. Mexican Riviera here we come! so strange to uproot myself in my incubation and hibernation of winter-land (so important for the resting of me) and enter a warm sunny-land. my brain can't quite compute that yet.
Feeling so grateful for the opportunities of the "do nothing days" of another cruising vacation where i can be alone with my thoughts more of the day and ignore the voice of responsibility. the disconnection feels so lucky.
this time i feel nothing of having a creative project with me like i did for my last vacation (though my yarn and hook for tiny crocheted leaves with surely stow away in my pack when i am not looking : ). my creative motivations feel so extinguished and slow in the winter months. close-knit time with my family feels my only goal this time of year. Four of us in a tiny cruise ship cabin... perfect! : )

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