Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black and Live oak acorn caps seem so abundant this year and my daughter and i have been having fun filling them with various things. She is the true think tank when it comes to all things miniature but i love to explore along side following her lead. She could truly sell some of her arts and crafts on etsy but she thinks her art would be so sad to be without her. She keeps everything, and i mean every scrap and wrapper, which find their way into her dollhouse world in some miniature kind of way. Most recently she showed me christmas chocolate wrappers from years past that are now rolls of dollhouse wrapping paper. She is so good at seeing the potential in the discarded.

My next adventure will involve a glorious gift of100 grams of copper metal clay and the amazing opportunity to have it kiln fired since copper metal clay cannot be fired with a torch like silver clay. Metal clay is fast drying and super tricky but i will plunge forward and make some copperware for my dollhouse. I hope to make utensils to go with the copperware but i am not sure what happens to something that tiny in firing. Will post pictures.

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