Saturday, November 21, 2009

Delivery date for Miss T's winter collection of 65 pieces is set to happen the 24th of November. In my attempt to save myself from testing all the paints and beads for lead on all my ready made flowers from China, i created a collection that i could count on being pure by making my own flowers and/or using vintage laces. This winter collection feels wholesome and warm to me as a result and i am hoping everyone feels the same : ) i have lots of wooly sweaters and the Salvation Army to thank for my supplies this season. And thank you to all the talented unknown people that crocheted the vintage handmade laces that i used to try to convey the delicate filagree that winter does so well.


  1. Ha! I found you- I realised belatedly that Sono-Ma would have linked you in the article about you. Silly me. I love, by the way, that you work seasonaly. Its such a great idea, and it must keep it fresh for you- or, at least, it seems to, in your work, as it is always so wonderful. Heres to fairy art!

  2. oh miss t, how can every season be my favorite? loving your winter expression of filligree finery. love, miss print