Friday, October 2, 2009

Soon i will be departing on a little trip abroad. i've never been out of North America so i am freaking out inside though excited. My dolls of my dollhouse will be departing with me on this particular trip. Always, as a child when i left on a trip, i thought my dolls and toys would be so sad and miss me terribly when they were left behind. My daughter and i usually take a collection of dolls on our trips for just that reason and the security of something sweet and familiar.

The Mildew's (Whimsey, Fancy, Bendy, Bendita and Bendu), my dollhouse dolls, will be taking their first airplane. Fancy, (pictured), was my grandmother's. She used to have open and shut eyes until i dropped her accidentally when i was 10 and sadly her eyes fell into her head. The doll doctor fixed them permenantly and put way too much hair on her and fancy clothes (thus her name). She went in as a baby doll and came out as a fancy little girl. I think i cried. Perhaps a little too much creative license? My sister kept her safe for years in a little plastic box and now she has a family and proper house to spend her days. She would have quite a story if she could tell it. She is probably 90 years old. But she doesn't look a day over 2 : )

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