Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Presenting... "as-salamu Alaykum". Meaning "Peace be upon you" in Arabic.
I so still wanted to call him "Souq", so fun to say. But i found the souq in Alexandria a little...well... scarey. So as-salamu Alaykum it is, a beautiful sentiment the Egyptians use as "hello". Or "Salaam" meaning "peace" for short.

Salaam has quite a story knitted into him. His first 18 stitches were cast on while in an airplane 35,000 ft above Greenland going 743 mph, part of his neck was knitted while cruising on the Nile river, his right leg in Istanbul Turkey, his right arm on a beach on the Greek island of Mykonos....etc.

I am making him also a small book, mapping his unfolding which i will call, "The Life and Times of as-salamu Alaykum" and will include extra pages for my son to add to his story.

The pattern for Salaam is from a book i love called "Knitted Babes" by Claire Garland. So many inspirational patterns for dolls and their clothes, though there are no boy dolls within so i modified. I was unable to find appropriate, inexpensive textiles for him during our travels as planned, so instead he will have recycled sweater clothing. I will post a picture of Salaam in his full regalia next week, today he sports only his undies which i made from an old cotton t-shirt.

My son was aware of my knitting a doll on our trip but he has no idea it is for him. I think. He is used to my creative meanderings. In fact... we bought an extra camera on our trip and i quickly knitted a cover for it to protect it : )

Such a delight intricately pouring (or knitting) myself into a few of my children's gifts every year, leading them by example into the realm of living and giving from the heart.

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  1. I see that Salaam has underware! How interesting to know that children and doll makers recognize this clothing essential! I think I would have skipped right over undergarments in making clothes for my own son's doll...

    Salaam is sure to be a "real" friend for your little one.