Monday, October 5, 2009

i counted the number of crowns i've created over the years via old invoices. 1709 crowns is the running total i came up with after 10 years of crowns and/or 40 seasons. Incredible. i have pictures of crown evolutions over the years. Pictured is one such early model. It is the first. Where it all began more than 10 years ago. Fairy crowns for my daughter's fairy party when she was turning 4. It came complete with a handmade, floaty fairy skirt, one for each party guest. My son's comment today on this rather old school miss t crown, "It's so plastic!" : )

i have used some really great ready made flowers over the years but now i prefer mostly to make them. Knowing that "ready made's" place of origin is usually China, i began to feel uncomfy using them, not knowing the safety of the paints and glues. And the waste that comes with tearing down a ready made piece to get to the flower etc. is huge, forever sitting plastically in the landfill. That part of my work felt really hurtful. I will still occasionally use the ready made pieces if i find the glorious, but i much prefer the waste management and biodegradable nature of natural and vintage materials.

i use recycled wool sweaters a lot now. Every bit and scrap gets honored and appreciated and used. i don't like to make garbage. My twist and turn into a more eco friendly miss t is for the care and keeping of our beautiful Mother Earth.

This Winter Collection you will see recycled wool sweaters, hand crocheted flowers in wool, vintage crocheted lace and trims, needle felted birds and vintage and new beads. My Winter Collection of 60 pieces will arrive at The Ark a few days before Thanksgiving and i am so excited to share it.

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  1. Dear Miss T,

    Will you also post a picture of one of your newer crowns? It would be lovely to see them both! ;)