Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes, another peace sign....This one, sewn on a birthday card for my best friend from high school who lives in Vancouver WA and who recently turned me on to this magical medium called metal clay. The peace sign was once a little grey blob of clay, and after firing with a propane torch, became almost pure silver. Oh, my goodness all the details i could create with metal clay. There are classes on working with metal clays but i prefer to plunge in and learn by doing anonymously with a good library book on the subject. My choice is "New Directions in Metal Clay" by Cece Wire. Nothing like mistakes to help you learn well about a medium but Cece Wire really helped me understand visually how to fire and not melt my piece and other important details that i just didn't find in other books.
Anxious for another successful attempt at metal clay but at the moment i am in the midst of my Winter Collection and there is no room for my imaginings of a tiny silver goblet for my dollhouse.

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