Friday, September 25, 2009

The peace symbol has become one of my new interests. It used to seem so righteous and hard and now it seems so whimsical and graceful. Hoping i will find a way to use it in my work more often that will meet the graceful way it feels to me. Pictured is a crown from my Summer Collection.

My delivery of my Autumn Collection went smoothly yesterday on Fourth St. in Berkeley. 44 pieces. i am always torn between shipping USPS and hand delivery. Hand delivery always seems to win. Packaging and question of handling always detour me from USPS. i spend an incredible amount of time with my work and i just can't let it go into the sea of the unknowns.

A meeting with soft and nurturing Ashley at the Ark and a first time meeting of the beautiful new owner, Gerald, grounded me once again in my 10 year connection with that amazing store. And Fourth St., oh my goodness, is such a playground visually for Miss T. The Ark Toys, Castle in the Air and Anthropology fill me up inspirationally before my return to little, humble Sonoma County where nature is my inspiration. And the thrift stores....provide!

Hoping to post weekly to this blog to offer a place to ask questions, get news about the timing of release of current collections or just sneek a peek into the World of Miss T.

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