Friday, October 11, 2013

last year we went to disneyland for halloween/my son's 13th birthday/trick or treating.  it was fabulous there.  no streets to cross or cars to dodge.  fabulous changes in lighting and atmosphere to the park and surprising entertainment and "THE" haunted mansion:).  such a special place to celebrate that holiday.

so...for that event i was making him a felted woolen pinocchio hat last year at this time as well as his little reddish orange velveteen lederhosen (from a vintage textile piece) complete with large wooden buttons and cute brown trim.  i am glad we took pictures:)

he is growing up... and this year he requests a disco afro for his interest in dressing in 1970's disco garb.  a thrifting we will go this week as his request is to be a disco family.  my daughter has already found her ensemble and it is an amazing expression of a very peculiar era:)  i was there and it all seemed so normal at the time if not a bit daring too!

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