Tuesday, March 16, 2010

thank you for your recent uplifting and affirming comments jennifer in my march 9th post. currently pondering all. i spend so much time with my head pieces in production of them and i get so used to their details that in the end they always seem so...yes... common. thank you for your commiserate commpanionship: )

oh my goodness...classes...me? i've never felt quite grown up enough to picture myself a teacher : ) i help my neighbor with sewing projects and while she calls me her sewing teacher, i am much more of a gentle guide, a creative guide on her creative quests (not all sewing projects). in fact, that is actually my favorite part about the format of the metal clay open studio i am attending currently. 6 women just doing their own thing and receiving guidance they need along the way.

pictured is a recent swishy fishy in unfired bronze clay. his tail and bubble are separate free moving pieces that are kept inside his hollow body by slightly larger ends. his texture is made with vintage lace. his remarkable lacy backdrop is art from a children's book called "swimmy" by leo leonni. he will be back from firing next week and i will post again of him. loving the texture of vintage lace when pushed into metal clay and can't imagine a project without it.

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  1. Was this fish inspired by the late and great Mr. Mustache? I love your photos and the chance to see details like your pressed lace up close. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your inspiring and creative mind!