Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Much of November has been heavy.  
This little guy poked a hole in me when he decided to leave us early this month.  
Tears have spilling out of that hole ever since. 
I will miss you fuzzy buddy everyday!  
You left such a gigantic imprint! even though you were a Mini Rex.  I am thankful for you and our time together.  Thank you for being with me as long as you could.
Roger Rorschach Smith was your name but we mostly called you "Baby".
We found pictures in your black markings and smiled so much in your company.
Your soft fur will be with me exists wiggled and woven in every piece of clothing i own and in every corner of home :)  Fuzzy buddies are like that.  
Yay for you everywhere!
Celebrating the layers of you and the gratitude there...which means it hurts a lot...but you are worth celebrating!
Chamomile will never be the same without you!

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