Tuesday, October 28, 2014

20 days since my last post.  Such a full month of fresh flowers and foraged wild things and fretting over bunny illness and just the daily life of food and home keeping and family attentions.  Currently 24 acorn cap boxes in the works.  Perhaps by December they will be ready for etsy.  Giving myself a month of holiday in November to renew and prepare for filling my shop again.

I am so very grateful for my recent etsy appreciations and sales.  It has truly helped me afford unexpected expenses.  Gracefully heaven sent:)

Next up...my son's 15th birthday.  October 31.  Ricotta gnocchi from the original moosewood cookbook of my childhood...served with marinara and/or pesto, Caesar salad, steamed broccoli...and chocolate decadence with candles.  All made right here.  A food celebration and family love:)

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