Tuesday, September 24, 2013

now that summer has passed, the seasonal shift is happening in me. with that i feel myself shifting and slowing in productivity.  i accomplished all creatively that i set out to do this past summer, and then some:)  vintage repurposed textiles i procured a year ago, i finally found the courage to cut deeply into with no turning back.  they are so so precious and to turn them into pieces and scraps without knowing the end results hurts me somehow.  always wondering if it is the right direction to set them in a new direction.  they are fully lined capes now and a weskit for dress up and play.  they were a labor of love, so many hours of hand sewing and tailoring details.  i am happy.  

there is so much else waiting in the wings that i wish to be/see in the world but i must be off to school with my kids.  spanish, meteorology, geography/geology and museum visits are our vision for this year.  it continues to be amazing to me how much my kids learn and discover on their own without my prompting or direction.  i love to learn alongside them, i am more interested now than i ever was in school.  there are so many more interesting and diverse opportunities outside school walls, i feel lucky everyday i think of our paths as home learners.  we can be slow and patient and gentle with ourselves outside of timed and tested activity.  and we can look in any direction that we are moved to see and explore.  i love it here on this path:)

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