Monday, December 12, 2011

my daughter and i have been crocheting edges too.
18 days and 10 washcloth edges later my mom in law has flown on to other family. she left so much behind in her wake. crochet instruction, tamale instruction and a pace of slow and steady wins the race. i realize how much i hurry through it all when i see her movement.

...and my crochet thread collection has more than doubled in size. a textile and craft thrift store in sebastopol ca, afforded us new variety in very vintage colors.

feeling very much like i have been on a needle arts retreat for the past 2 weeks but it is on to the holidays and all the many layers of preparation.

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  1. Hold on to those memories! You have a beautiful family and I can only dream of doing the kind of art that you are doing, it is stunning!