Saturday, September 24, 2011

the hand bound innards of a tiny book i am making for a commission for kathryn who lives across the pond:)
kathryn has a lovely blog secrets of a butterfly where you may find her and her inspirations. she is so full of grace and faith and creative celebration, so beautiful, and i am making her a dream catcher inspired by her world of loveliness. more photos to follow of it if i can capture all it's tiny essences.
i looked up her city of newcastle in my old garage sale atlas and it was already circled (or ringed as she calls it). so curious! and all our common interests of spiritual pulls, contemplations, thoughts and quotes...a world away but in my heart she is right next door:)

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  1. Ahh, thank you, I was so touched by this post.
    Yes ringed - like a fairy ring.(smile)
    We say circled too, but ringed is equally used.
    And I love how you say a world a way, but in heart right next door,
    I feel that way too (smile) so glad to have come by your world and connected as we have. Neighbours in heart, if not by homes.
    Shall be in touch soon ... Kathryn x